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Welcome to Disrupt Retail!

Disrupt Retail is a call for technology promoted by EDEKA DIGITAL, MC, Shufersal and Żabka aiming to find innovative technology-based solutions that will take the retail industry to the next level.

The goal?
Pilot the companies that best fit each retailer's needs & ambitions and accelerate its adoption. 

Free Aplications

No Equity

4 Leading Retailers

PoC’s & Pilots

Disclaimer: This is not a Startup competition, accelerator, or incubator and there are no prizes. The focus is to run Proofs-of-concepts or Pilots with conditions discussed with each retailer on a case by case scenario.

Focus Areas

Store Operations

Retail stores have evolved largely in the last decades and store operations are well beyond traditional processes like inventory management or replenishment.

Today, the store represents a hub of efficiency, customer experience, and technological innovation.

We're seeking solutions that streamline in-store processes, elevate employee productivity, and enhance the overall shopper experience. This could include technologies related to inventory management, POS solutions, in-store analytics, and other tools to optimize the brick-and-mortar environment.

Bring us your solutions that bridge the gap between the digital and physical, creating a seamless retail experience.  

Retail Media

The retail environment has become a dynamic playground for media, advertising, and engagement.

With a shift towards personalization and experiential marketing, there's a growing need to redefine how brands communicate and engage with their consumers within and outside the store.

We are on the lookout for groundbreaking solutions in ad-tech, digital displays, augmented reality, and any other mediums that push the boundaries and harness all the potential of retail media.

If you have a solution that can captivate audiences and drive sales, we want to hear from you.

Data & Customer Insights

Understanding the modern consumer is both an art and a science.

With several different touchpoints across various channels, retailers are drowning in data but starving for actionable insights.

We are in search of innovative platforms or tools that can harness, analyze, and convert this vast pool of data into actionable strategies.

Whether it's AI-driven customer behavior prediction, advanced loyalty program analytics, or new ways to gather qualitative insights, if you have a tool that can unlock the potential of retail data, you're in the right place. 

Benefits for Applicants

1 Application, many retailers

Multiplying effect!
This is your opportunity to reach out to 4 leading retailers from 4 different countries.

Real Environment and Data 

The retail partners represent thousands of stores, employees, and millions of customers. They’re also heavy on data and committed to provide the needed conditions to test your solution. 

Exposure to the Media

Good work must be recognized. Disrupt Retail will have a global echo and successful cooperation stories will be known.

Access to our Network of Partners

Our group of companies has other organizations in many other industries. If relevant, introductions can be made. We also have VC friends, and you can be fast-tracked.

Mentorship and co-creation 

You’ll be in touch with our experts in retail and tech. We will also give you feedbackand help you improve your solution.


  • 8 th Jan to 4 th Feb


    Where it all starts. Submit your  best application. We promise we’ll pay our best attention to it.

  • 5 th Feb to 8 th Mar


    Each retailer will analyze all application and build a shortlist for the next stage.  All applicants will receive a message from each retailer stating if they made it to their shortlist or not.

  • From 11th March

    Shortlist Evaluation

    If you made it to the shortlist, you’ll be invited for a meeting to clear any doubts and discuss the potential cooperation.  Only then, a GO / NO GO decision for a Proof-of-concept or pilot will be made.  This process is separate for each retailer.

Applications Closed!

Applications have closed for this round. Join our newsletter if you want to be notified of future programs.


Any questions? Reach out to [email protected]

Meet the Retailers

The EDEKA Digital GmbH, EDDI for short, is the IT subsidiary of the EDEKA Group and thus represents the national IT competence center. 
More than 600 employees at locations in Hamburg, Mannheim, Berlin and Cluj-Napoca (Romania) develop, implement and support EDEKA's digital business processes across all three trade levels (retail, wholesale and EDEKA headquarters). 
In addition, EDEKA Digital is the central innovation and transformation driver for progressive IT products and services to significantly advance the IT strategy of the EDEKA group.
About the Edeka Group:


11 000+

409 500

At EDEKA Digital it is our approach to develop IT solutions that create extraordinary experiences for our customers. We are eager to network with partners from all around the world to face challenges with cutting-edge technology. With joining "Disrupt Retail" we are confident to find innovative solutions and partners for co-creation to shape the Future of Retail.

Christoph Diekmeyer
CEO EDEKA Digital GmbH

MC is the food retail market leader in Portugal with a number of distinctive business segments, which offer a varied range of high quality products at the best prices: 
Continente (hypermarkets), Continente Modelo and Continente Bom Dia (convenience supermarkets), Meu Super (franchised supermarkets), Bagga (cafeterias), Go Natural (healthy food supermarkets and restaurants), Note! (book shops/stationery), ZU (dogs and cats products and services), Wells (health, well-being and eye care) and Dr. Well’s (dental and aesthetic medicine clinics).


1 400+

38 000

Considering the vibrant world of retail, the Disrupt Retail program is an important step towards incorporating fresh, tech-savvy perspectives into our organisation.
It's an opportunity to foster innovation and growth, ensuring our company remains at the forefront of the sector.
We are keen to engage with startups ready to redefine the retail landscape, embracing this new era of collaborative progress.

Miguel Moreira

Shufersal, Israel's retail leader since 1958, operates over 400 nationwide stores, offering unmatched convenience, quality, and value. Our unwavering commitment to innovation drives seamless in-store and online shopping, from groceries to electronics. With cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices, and customer-centric solutions, Shufersal pioneers innovation in retail, redefining the shopping experience.



17 000

Innovation holds a position of utmost importance within Shufersal, deeply ingrained in our organizational DNA and woven into the very fabric of our corporate culture. 
It serves as a guiding principle, steering our company towards pioneering solutions and transformative ideas.
Shufersal's commitment to innovation isn't just a value; it's a defining trait that shapes our identity, drives our progress, and ensures that we continue to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the retail industry.

Ori Waterman
CEO Shufersal

Żabka Group is the ultimate convenience ecosystem that aims to make people’s lives easier. We accompany consumers at every moment of the day, freeing up their time through the possibility of convenient grocery shopping, having a hot meal on the go, sending a package, withdrawing cash or taking advantage of a dietary catering with delivery. We are one of the most recognizable brands in Poland, with over 3 million customers using our services daily. 


9 700+

2 573

Żabka is a leader in the modern convenience in Poland, for 25 years responding to the needs of millions of customers every day.
The Żabka Group’s Venture Studio search for new solutions and partners that give prospects for accelerating the transformation of our convenience ecosystem.
We have joined forces with partners in Disrupt Retail Program because it allows us to reach a wide group of innovators, and gives creators of innovation the opportunity to present their solutions to retail leaders in the region.

Karol Gajewicz
Head of Venture Studio

Case Studies

We value innovation and the relationships we establish with our partners.
For that reason, we like to share the successful stories behind some of our previous collaborations with startups. 
Who knows if the next case will be with you...

Communication Partners